Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Taste Of Spring

"I like my sun friend," Viri said. He was into the nice weather today. It was nice, too. The temperature climbed into the 50s, the sun was out, mostly. We went off to Woodland Park for a good time in the revamped playground.

They keep changing these play areas. Now, they've gotten rid of all the sand, and replaced it with cedar chips. I'm not sure why. Some kids eat sand, maybe? Animals use it for toilets? Those animals, they ruin everything. My kids don't mind, either way. Arkaedi Sue can toddle through anything. Actually, she is getting to be tough to handle at the park; she climbs like a spider monkey. I had to grab her today when she climbed a ladder, and by the time I got to her she was at eye level. Viri was always a little more cautious. She doesn't care. She'll scale a giant structure then sing a song about it.

That song'll be BA BA BA, and it'll be screamed.

We had a nice day today. Everyone was in a good mood, because of the weather and the gradual recovery from our illness. Nobody feels a hundred percent, but we're all doing okay, which is better than the past week. Viri was running and jumping and swinging like his normal self.

Arkaedi is difficult to handle at the daycare, now, too. She's started this game where she slaps me, then kisses me. Now, I'm not a total stranger to this from women, as anyone who knew me in college can attest. In fact, I frequently didn't get to the kiss, and just made do with the slap. But coming from Pretty, it's a bit disconcerting. She finds it hilarious, though, so it's hard for me to argue. I've already learned that there is nothing I can deny this girl. I'm going to be in trouble. Viri is my son, and the eldest; I can shoulder him with burdens and expectations. But my little girl? The baby and the only daughter? We're both just lucky she has J. Today she had a little baby huddle to discuss her options. She decided they were best served by smacking me and then kissing me, then asking for food.

Her signs now include 'more' and 'finished,' though she rarely uses finished. She can pack away the food. She is truly my daughter. Today she ate a ton of food then sang along to my new bluegrass/country mix. She is into exactly the music I like. (Viri: "Can we listen to Ali Ali [Pakistani Sufi music] please, Papa?" You're... different, son.)

On an unrelated note, today is the square root of the year! 3/3/9! I absolutely love stuff like that.

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barker blog said...

when horace greeley said go west young man,it was reported that 17 people in seattle drowned.so be careful..nice to see everyone out.spring has ??????that thing that a spring does?i like my sun friend too........yeaaaaaaaaaaaa!