Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Thirty Three, The Adult Hobbit

I'm officially an adult today. Thirty three years old. It's a good age. I'm happy to be here. I feel better than ever, in terms of my emotional and mental health. My life is a little insane, but that's okay. I don't imagine I'm able to function in any life that isn't insane, certainly. Any more than I'm capable of ending a sentence without using an adverb...really.

I got a ton of nice birthday wishes today, which is awesome. It makes me glad to have the access to people that I have through this interweb series of tubes. I got emails, messages, texts... it was cool. I had a sick baby girl, so I spent a lot of the day holding her sleeping body, so the messages were especially welcome.

That's pretty much what I have to say. I'm happy and filled with love, which as always doesn't make for good art, but makes for damn fine birthday living.

Tomorrow, the suffering that is Dragonlance; painful and hard to wade through, therefore probably a good blog post. Ironic. Or silly, at least.

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