Saturday, October 31, 2009

Everyone Hail To The Pumpkin Song

We had an extremely successful Halloween day at the Barker household. I got Halloween donuts, and a wonderful frittata breakfast, the kids looked super cute in the Godzilla and Godzooky costumes (aka Frog and Dragon. Don't tell them) and everyone got some candy treats. Viri learned that special and timeless holiday question, "Is this vegan?" and Arkaedi learned people give her suckers for no reason if she holds out her hand. That is sure to be valuable information.

We decided to trick or treat in Fremont, and I am really glad we did. It was a cool experience, and the local shops were really awesome to the kids. Fremont is a cool place, and I can see having a great family holiday tradition there if we stay in Seattle for a while. This is my first halloween going all out with the kids. This has always been a fun holiday for me, traditionally for the girls who dress up slutty for no reason, but I'm really seeing the appeal of the holiday as a dad. The kids get to dress up, get some treats, everyone is out and happy. At three it isn't nuts yet, but people are still dancing in the streets. It's a good time for all. And for the dads (and moms who are so inclined) there are still the slutty girl costumes.

So, Happy Halloween, have a good time. Please choose the appropriate level of sexiness for your age and location.

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