Wednesday, October 21, 2009

NLCS And No Guys Named Melky

The baseball playoffs are one of the highlights of my year. This year, oddly enough, I get to watch every game of the Championship Series, due to sick kids. So, I'm sorry you are sick, kids, but thanks for making me stay home. I'll clean up puke if it means watching some great games. And there have been some great ones. The NLCS is really the one to watch, as the Angels/Yankees ALCS has been both less exciting and way more filled with guys with dumb names. And the cursed visage of Dark Lord A-rod.

It's almost over, and it looks like a Phillies/Yankees World Series is in the cards. That's fine; I'd much prefer Angels/Phillies, but it's okay. The Phils are a great team to watch, fast, great offense. I'm rooting for them to destroy the Yankees, of course. Like all moral and right thinking human beings, I root against the Yankees. There is simply not a choice. And as fun as a Dodgers/Yankees WS would be, the Phils have a better chance to beat the Yankees. I would get a chance to say Trolley Dodgers a million times, which is fun. Baseball teams, because of the era in which they formed, still have the greatest nicknames. Trolley Dodgers, Red Sox. Did they spell things differently in 1900? Cincinnati is simply the Reds. Wonderful. Even the worst names aren't as bad as NBA or NFL names. (Grizzlies? Jaguars? Don't just pick a tough sounding animal, sports. That doesn't work.)

I'm hoping to see every World Series game, if work and kids allow. Every year, the Series provides a perfect gateway into the winter season. It's coming later and later in the fall, and it makes me want to just curl up and eat cookies and rest until spring. I'm ready to grow my beard back, put on a few fun holiday pounds (Halloween counts right? And new years? I can legally gain weight until April) and enjoy my winter. Even the flu and cold blues won't sink me this year. I'm excited, catching some great baseball, and ready to lounge.

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