Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Misty September Morn

It's one of those signs that you are truly going native. The morning comes, in late August or early September, when there is a mist hanging in the air. It's cool, overcast, and the summer is really gone. And you don't mind at all. You may, surprisingly to some, gather up your little ones and take a nice urban walk through rain and errant cyclists.

I got the kids bundled up in rain slickers, and we went for a nice walk in the rain. We walked along the canal in Fremont, one of my favorite places in Seattle. I love the strange sight of boats sailing past, the cool dinosaurs made of ivy that Arkaedi is speeding past in the photo. I don't like the odd and disturbing signs of alcoholism, such as discarded malt liquor/caffeine energy drink cans(wow, thank you marketing department; amped up drunks, we really needed those!)(I was being sarcastic, marketing department. Please stop making horrible crap.) and trash. But overall, it's a pleasant little walk.

I've come to terms with aspects of Seattle I dislike, such as the small town mentality jammed into large city culture, and the odd hipster mythos. The weather, one thing outsiders expect to hate, I love. I went through a period of dislike, sure, but I am anxious for winter and the cool rains. I am looking forward to the ever present mist. (For one, it provides endless opportunities for 13th Warrior references. Which only I appreciate. But continue to make.)

I'm ready for more fun. I have child sized rain gear, I have extra clothes and snacks. I have my trusty fleece, and I am totally willing and able to run to REI and get more. I am ready to accept you, rainy season.

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