Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Day At The Fair

We had a great day today. Herc, Sarah and the kids came to the fair with me! The Evergreen State Fair, to be exact. It was everything I remembered about a fair; great animals, tractors, lots and lots of obesity. And greasy food, for my own caloric intake! I loved it. The kids really loved it. I think Herc and Sarah loved it. It was a good excursion all around.

I was really impressed with how well my kids behaved. It was a long, exciting day, and they did really well. They patiently endured my interest in animals like goats, and didn't get too whiny with walking for four hours. It was a good day. Viri was a really big kid, and I was very proud of him. For his efforts, he gets rewarded with another trip to the fair, as soon as a few weeks away. There will be more goats, we hope and pray.

I hadn't been to a fair for over decade. I think the last one was with Jaime in high school, if I had to guess. I don't know if Iiked it then; I liked them as a kid. I loved the animals. All of my cousins and friends wanted to ride rides, but I had a sensitive stomach. It didn't sound good to say I had a tender tummy at fifteen, so I still rode the rides. Going with the kids today was nice, because I didn't have to ride the Tilt-A-Whirl, and I could watch Viri ride the kiddie swings. I could go to the "swine barn" and enjoy seeing animals. It was a little depressing, since they will be food, but I still like seeing them. Solidarity, mammals.

I am going to fairs more often now. They are a blast. Fried food, people watching, animals... what more could anyone want? Have a day at the fair!


smartz said...

"bye boob! sarah boob?"

WildBeggar said...

I vote you become the crime fighting super heroine, The Boob.
The costume will be great. and every episode will end with Arkaedi saying "Bye Boob! Thank you Boob!"