Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Mighty O And Doctors

Arkaedi Sue had a well child visit today, including a blood draw. She wasn't terribly happy with it, but she's a trooper. To make the entire event less of an ordeal, we stopped by Mighty O Donuts on the way. That made everyone, especially me, very happy.

I tried a strange and wondrous thing while I was at Mighty O: I had a donut without coffee. There was no coffee for me, just a donut. It was odd. Not entirely unpleasant, but a little like swimming while trying to use only one arm. It works, but you wonder why you are even trying it.

Of course I'm glad to be cutting back on coffee. I certainly needed a break. I do feel better overall, and I believe in cultivating good habits while I have the patience and energy to make the effort. And there is always tea.

Arkaedi Sue did so well at her appointment. She is such a stable kid. It's amazing how little phases her. She got her blood drawn, and fussed for a minute, then waved goodbye to Dr. Tracy as we left. Viri would have been crying for six days. It's nice to have a kid who is as calm as her. I need the break.

Fall officially arrived here, and it's warm and sunny. I used the nice day to clean out the car, and get ready for a return to work. Overall, it was a very successful morning. There were donuts, doctors and cleaning. I'm ready for another few days of flying solo with the little ones.

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