Thursday, September 17, 2009

Consider the Puyallup Done

We continued the early fall explosion of fun travels with a visit to the Puyallup Fair. Even though I still can't get the hang of how to pronounce the name of the town, it was a good fair. I think the Evergreen State Fair, for some indefinable reason, is still my favorite; but the Puyallup was huge and exciting, and had a Weird Al exhibit. And a great theme song.

The kids were really good, and I even caved in to the sad eyes of the boy and bought him a toy sword. I can't resist either my children or weapons, apparently. But, as I said, he was so well behaved the entire day I didn't feel too bad buying him a toy.

We had a blast, though, and were reminded that there is no smoking in Sillyville. Which is good to know.

I think the Puyallup will have to make it into our regular rotation. And there will be a regular Washington trip for at least the next few years, because (bigger news than the fair time) Jaime passed her board exams! So, yay for her, and really yay to the entire family, because we have a head of the household who can make more money than I could in five lifetimes! (Grand total for me in five lifetimes: $375.24)

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