Saturday, January 2, 2010

Coulton And Career Study

I'm listening to Jonathan Coulton and contemplating my career changes. That isn't quite as random as it sounds; my usual habit of non-sequiturs to begin blog posts (or conversations, or job interviews) isn't the only reason those two things go together in my mind. In fact, there are two reasons in addition to my randomness that I mention them.

One. Coulton is fun, cheery, silly music, and I have been trying to gear up for the application process and long painful internal debate that accompanies deciding what I want to do. It isn't only my lack of ambition and multiple tattoos that have kept me away from real jobs all of these years. I hate the process, I hate the bureaucracy. Some of it is even necessary, I understand. The hoops are to be jumped through in order to limit the number of total jumpers and narrow it down to a manageable pool for the managers comprehend. I get that; but I hate being a jumper. So, Coulton makes me laugh and relax and just go with it, and get into a program that makes sense for me and maybe makes me a dollar or two to pay bills.

Two. Coulton does what, presumably, he enjoys. (I don't know this; maybe singing novelty songs is his punishment for flunking out of Juilliard.) I don't necessarily want to do something that's laughter and giggles every moment, but I'd love to do something rewarding. I'd love to have a job I felt made the world a tiny bit better. Or gave someone a lift.

I'm in the process of figuring this out, I think. Which is a huge step. For the first time in a long time I feel like I can keep a big picture goal in mind. I'm not as clouded by ideology or my own sense of fun or adventure. I've got an idea of where I can go, and how to get there. It's no "Baby's Got Back." But it's a nice start.

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Kiersten said...

you sure think a lot. We enjoy reading your posts :-)