Friday, August 14, 2009

She Makes Everything Cuter

We've had some time off this week, which means a lot of time with the kids. I really enjoy getting a chance to just watch my children interact. One advantage of having kids so close in age is seeing the familiarity and comfort with which they play. Viri feeds her from his plate without missing a beat, and she talks about him when he's in the other room.

Today she's at home with me while Mama and Viri are at the farm picking vegetables and riding tractors. She's rocking and singing a song about Mama and Viri. It's part of her magical ability to make everything cuter. We can just say the simplest thing, and she'll make it cute.

Viri was always interesting. He would say things funny, or strange. She says things cute. Right now she gathered up all of her trains, telling them each goodnight, and laying down to go to sleep. I told her goodnight and she blew me a kiss. She doesn't let up the cuteness for even a second. It is worth a trip to Seattle just to spend a few hours watching her be cute. "Papa kiss? Kiss me? Mama outside?" Everything is a cutely phrased question spoken at a pitch unimaginably high. Awesome.

Have a nice nap, Pretty. Wake up as cute as ever.

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barker blog said...

my puter is acting down.doing better.cute pic.hope all is in sometime.this is a poem by robert coldguy..thought only you would is cold burrrrrr.