Sunday, August 9, 2009

Brunch Has Conquered Us

The Vegan Brunch book, which I mentioned here already, and everyone should now have purchased and be cooking from, has given us another meal of joy and love.

Today was frittata and flannel hash. Which gave me the opportunity to have a lovely meal and also say odd things to my kids. ("Here Arkaedi just eat fruit, I'm going to eat your floor hash.") The next few weeks, with Jaime's time off and this book, I plan on gaining several hundred pounds. When I go to the gym I'm going to be on a strict work out routine, and instead of donut demons I will be fighting off the brunch faeries.

(Wait, brunch faeries sounds like something else. Nevermind. Brunch goblins?)

Either way, we have been captured. I, for one, welcome our new brunch overlords, and look forward to serving them.

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Anonymous said...

I fricken LOVE that book. Try the quiches for dinner. . . YUM.