Friday, December 11, 2009

It's The End The End Of The Quarter

I had Ramones in my head all day, since Viri heard Blitzkrieg Bop on a commercial and said, "Hey Papa I like that let's go song." I was torn between irritation that his exposure was on a commercial, and joy at hearing my music hating child express pleasure at a song. A fun song, at that.

It's the end of a quarter of work. As usual, I'm torn; it's nice to have some time off, especially for the kids. But I hate having three unpaid weeks. Especially when Jaime gets to working on the budget. It reminds me again of the unsustainability of our situation. It's a shame, because I love my job, and I love Seattle. But I don't have a way for this to work long term. I need to get a better paying job, with fewer weeks off a year.

The plus side of all of this, as I mentioned in my career ruminations earlier, is my search for just such a job has been really interesting and rewarding. I'm discovering what I want to do, and how that can turn into what I can make money doing. I'm not hamstrung by ideology. I'm ready to just flip through the metaphorical listings and make some choices. Hopefully, when the new year rolls around, I'll have some concrete progress to show for all of my cogitation. Which will be a first time, granted, but I'm willing to accept that the first time for this has come.

And here's Pretty in a lovely pink dress: who wouldn't want to work and provide for that paragon of cuteness?

Nobody, that's who.

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